MTD College Consulting Group

With a current lack of in-house school counselors, many people have opted to look for college admissions and financial help outside of the school. Due in part to budget cuts, the quality and care per student, in regards to the difficult process of college entry, has suffered over they years. MTD has stepped in to assist those students who can no longer depend on a shrinking, yet experienced, school workforce to cater to their needs. MTD provides counseling services that are second to none, and they work directly with the parent and student, to make sure their questions are answered, concerns are heard, and that a positive outcome is reached.

MTD uses a warm and friendly approach with our clients to tackle the ever growing complexities of the college admissions process. From essays, classes to take, and which colleges to apply to, to interview and campus visits, let the experts show you how to take care of those matters properly, professionally, and within time and budget. We will help take the frustration out of the process, and present a clear, detailed, and energetic plan that is educational in itself. We will help build the communication between parent, child, and college, and offer valuable research methods that will save time and money. We will delivers a personalized service that will not leave the parent or student wondering what to do next. Choose MTD to assist you today, and we will make it worth your while.

Contact MTD today and let us help you. We are dependable, have fair rates, and can help you and your child save countless dollars on college education.